Local Produce

Tasmania, and particularly Tasmania’s North West, is well known for its fresh produce which is great if you’re on holiday and self catering. The largely rural North West is home to dairy products, fruit, vegetables, seafood and meat.

In this website we have tried to list some of the produce to look for in each destination and encourage you to check out the farmers markets (get there early!). When in town remember to check out the local butcher, or ask a local about where to buy meat, and you won’t be disappointed. The quality and price of meat is incredibly good. Alternatively keep your eyes open when driving for signs offering fresh produce for sale as there are plenty of small farms with roadside stalls where you can buy good fruit, vegies and flowers.


Climb Cradle Mountain, cruise the Gordon River, explore Tasmania's World Heritage Wilderness and experience the Tarkine.  

It's all here in Tasmania's Western Wilderness.