The Tarkine Wilderness

The Tarkine – a lost world just waiting to find you

The Tarkine is not just one wilderness, it provides an archipelago of experiences. See its vast forests of myrtle, leatherwood and pine trees and engage with them as living links to Gondwanaland that it shares with Patagonia, Papua-New Guinea and New Zealand.

The 447,000 hectare Tarkine Wilderness Area is Australia's largest tract of unprotected temperate rainforest... You won't find it named on many maps but the region is bound by the Arthur River to the north, the Pieman River to the south, the Murchison Highway to the east and the Southern Ocean.

It is a lost-world, the 30,000-year heritage of the Tarkiner people, one of three bands of aboriginal people who once lived in north-west Tasmania. It is home to one of the greatest concentrations of aboriginal sites in Australia.

Almost all The Tarkine's 447,000 hectares is alive with snakes, frogs, birds, 28 different mammals, one species of dragon, endangered wedge-tailed eagles and the now rare Astacopsis gouldi - the world's biggest freshwater lobster. Maps detailing self guided walks and drives are available enabling you to trek in the Tarkine, or visitors can arrange guided walks or tours.

Easiest access to the deep Tarkine is aboard one of the five-hour river cruises that sail from Arthur River or Corinna around 10 o'clock every morning. Further engage the adventure archipelago by heading south from Arthur River to The Edge of The World whose fierce rocky coast soon turns to rolling dunes at Temma. Drive the white gravel highway of the Western Explorer across windswept moors on the edge of the Southern Ocean with views to far green mountains, covered in ancient trees and wild windswept button grass plains.

The Western Explorer brings you to the rainforest paradise of Corinna Wilderness Village, Tasmania's only surviving remote area settlement. Cruise the Pieman River on Arcadia II, the only surviving original huon pine riverboat, to Pieman Head on the Southern Ocean. Hear your skipper unwind the wild years when the river rang with shovels, axes, song and screams of the miners and piners.

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Climb Cradle Mountain, cruise the Gordon River, explore Tasmania's World Heritage Wilderness and experience the Tarkine.  

It's all here in Tasmania's Western Wilderness.